Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled

The Tyee’s full, updated list of 70 Harper government assaults on democracy and the law.

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Remembering Jack

It’s hard to believe that, four years ago tomorrow, our friend Jack Layton passed away. I say hard to believe because he still seems very present to me.   Posted by of  The Broadbent Institute

Jack Layton Funeral – Stephen Page sings Hallelujah

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The Closing of the Canadian Mind

New York Times article.

Reprinted in the Winnipeg Free Press.

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It’s not JUST the economy, stupid!

If a narrow obsession with the “economy” diverts campaigns’ focus away from Harper’s record on files such as refugee health and the suppression of science that will be both tragedy and travesty.

Great article from rabble.ca. My thoughts exactly after listening to last Thursday debate.

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The worst: Canada’s economy under the Harper government

This statistical review confirms that it is far-fetched to suggest that Canada’s economy has been well-managed during the Harper government’s time in office. To the contrary, there is no other time in Canada’s post-war economic history in which Canada’s economy has performed worse than it did under the Harper government.

Rabble.ca article about this report and also one from  TheTyee.ca.

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UN issues scathing report on human rights in Canada

Just a few of the articles on Canada’s dismal approach to human rights:

UN issues scathing report on human rights in Canada

UN Report On Canada’s Human Rights Record A ‘Wake-Up Call’

UN human rights report shows that Canada is failing Indigenous peoples

This is not the Canada I once knew

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Mary Agnes Welch not correct about 2006 election

In her article Mary Agnes Welch was not completely correct in her analysis.

Three days before the 2006 election, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a minority government, the Winnipeg Free Press published a front-page story suggesting then-Liberal MP Anita Neville could be about to lose her seat to the Tories. A Probe Poll, done only of voters in the hotly contested riding, showed Neville neck-and-neck with her Conservative rival, lawyer Michael Richards. Both had the support of 32 per cent of decided voters.

On election day, though, Neville won by 3,200 votes, mostly taken, if the poll numbers can be trusted, from the NDP. It was widely believed that front-page story convinced just enough New Democrats to vote Liberal as a strategic move to defeat the Tories.

Not sure what the polls said about the NDP but in 2006 our candidate,  Mark Wasyliw, had the highest count and percentage of any election.  It is more likely that some Liberals decided to not vote Conservative. The total Liberal and Conservative vote in 2004 and 2006 were similar.

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How Harper Put Canada Massively in the Red

HarperIn this excerpt and four previous excerpts from Mel Hurtig’s new book The Arrogant Autocrat: Stephen Harper’s Takeover of Canada I have laid bare the sorry record of the Harper government in its management of our country’s economy and our government’s fiscal priorities.

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In the shadow of Paul Martin: Can you trust the Liberals?

PaulMartinHere we go again — the Red Book 3.0, yet another build-up of Liberal election promises just like the ones we’ve seen before.

Article by Murray Dobbin from rabble.ca

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Matt Henderson elected as our candidate for the upcoming election

MattHendersonAt our nomination meeting on June 17, 2015 Matt Henderson was elected as the NDP candidate for Winnipeg South Centre.  Visit the campaign website.

Read why Matt is running and where he stands.

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