Winnipeg Meetup

Monday June 27th, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Forth Cafe
171 McDermot Ave

Join Devin Tepleski, from Iron & Earth, and learn more about this oil sands worker led organization’s efforts to advocate for a diversified energy sector and ensure trades workers have the skills they need to succeed in building the clean energy projects of tomorrow.






3 responses to “Winnipeg Meetup”

  1. Jean Palmer Avatar
    Jean Palmer

    Thanks for sharing above event re Iron and Earth. Have contacted WSC Climate Change Group also. see you all there.

  2. Jean Palmer Avatar

    jim Carr will NOT be holding a Town Hall on climate change. WSC Climate Change group along with manyother like minded enthusiasts are now hell bent on asking him WHY! Phone his office…. Ask him WHY …..remind him of the voters in the next election..

  3. Jean Palmer Avatar

    To those in the NDP who who in sync with the LEAP MANIFESTO. Google for details…..come out tomorrow night and ask questions , It should be an eye opener to hear how the very workers who are immediately affected by slowing down on oil and creating a greener energy are coping with these monumental changes. cheers. Jean Palmer,

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