Let’s Make 2015 Our Last Unfair Election

Make every vote count!

Sign the Declaration of Voters’ Rights.

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Harper’s Government Attack on Science

On Monday March 23, Manitoba eco-network presents a screening of the CBC documentary silence of the labs.

Further reading: Chris Turner’s War on Science

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Is Canada’s “Patriot Act” a Political Ploy?

From The Real News:

Leo Panitch and Dimitri Lascaris discuss Canada’s Bill C-51 and other issues facing Canadians as elections loom on the horizon – March 14, 2015

Legendary Comedian Mary Walsh as Donut-Munching Connie on pending anti-terror legislation.

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Even Rex is against it!

Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper’s terror bill.

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Prime minister’s control an affront to democracy

Book review in the Winnipeg Free Press of Mark Bourrie’s book Kill the Messengers.

Bourrie has won a National Magazine Award for his journalism, which includes hundreds of pieces for major magazines and newspapers. He lectures at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and the Department of National Defence School of Public Affairs. His first book, The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada’s Media in World War Two, was a Maclean’s bestseller.

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Once again Conservatives are at odds with just about everyone

From the Globe and Mail:

Conducting a halfwitted census turned out to be more expensive. The 2011 voluntary household survey increased errors, reduced accuracy, chopped the response rate by 30 per cent – and cost an extra $22-million. Congratulations: The Harper government figured out how to spend more for less.

The vote set to ragtime.

CBC The Current‘s episode on a private member’s bill to restore the Long Form Census.

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A Government Opposed to the Idea of Governing

Good article in iPolitics.ca by Scott Clark and Peter DeVries.

Is it possible to have a bigger and more inclusive economic and social vision for this country than what the government is offering? Obviously. Would it be affordable? Absolutely.

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